Everybody knows that Indonesia is a surf paradise but this october was EPIC. My friend send me this link last week and I wanna share it with you. I need lefts like this one.



What a EPIC year for the Brazilians, Gabriel Medina just won his second title in the Rip Curl Pro Somewhere in San Francisco. During his way to the title he beat the 11 times world champion Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson in the final. He scored a 9.00 in beautiful wave in the beginning of the heat.

Before San Francisco Miguel Pupo from Cambury, São Paulo one of my favorites beach breaks in Brazil won the WQS Prime in Santa Cruz. Congrats Miggy. The final heat was between him and Tiago Pires.

That is the new generation from Brazil, soon we will have a world champion, I can not wait anymore.

Check out the final day in Santa Cruz.

Check the report and videos in the official Rip Curl Pro website.



What a great month for the brazilian surf. First Gabriel Medina won his first WT event in France and today Adriano De Souza won his second title this year in Peniche (portugal) , the first one was in Rio (Brazil) and his third in his whole career.

In the first round he had a terrible heat and he lost but than he put his surf together and scored his first perfect 10 in the quarters against Michel Bourez from tahiti and in the final he surfed against Kelly Slater in a very exciting heat.

I don have the link  from the final yet but as soon as I have it I will post here. But you guys can check the highlights from the first day in the video below.

I am very proud of the guys from Brazil they are doing very well, they are constantly at least at the quarters. Congratulations Adriano for the title and Heitor Alves for a amazing performance too.


Gabriel Medina

Record this name guys, this young surfer just won his first WT event in France with 17 years old.

I am not sure but probably he is the first one to win an event with this age. During the event he won heats over Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox and in the final Julian Wilson, one of my favorites surfer nowadays. The waves were great and Gabriel just showed that he can surf big waves too. Go Brasil!!! Go Medina!!

Check the highlight from the final day in this video.

Quiksilver Pro France 2011

Are you guys ready for another WT event? The next one will start on October 4th in Hossegor, France. Last year it was my favourite event with GOOD to EPIC waves during the entire event that ended with a very interesting final between Mick Fanning and the current number one of the ranking Kelly Slater. Check the final day video and get ready for the live broadcast on http://quiksilverlive.com/profrance2011/.